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Just back from visiting each of our vineyards and as we are not picking today, because of the tail of ‘Cyclone Debbie’, it seems a good time to update you quickly on Vintage 2017 at Mahi.

Already there are a couple of distinguishing characteristics about this vintage, with the first being that it was a pretty late start. Below are our start dates from the last 11 vintages and you can see that it has been one of our later kick-offs, with the Twin Valleys Pinot Noir andGewurztraminer being the first picked. Average temperatures are above ‘normal’ but sunshine hours, especially in March, have been a bit lower. This decrease in sunshine time has slowed down photosynthesis, which is my favourite, and possibly the most important process in the world, so ripeness has been delayed meaning a later pick.

Mahi Vintage Start dates
2017 March 29th
2016 March 22nd
2015 March 20th
2014 March 13th
2013 March 26th
2012 April 7th
2011 March 21st
2010 March 30th
2009 March 27th
2008 March 25th
2007 March 22nd


At this stage we have taken some really good Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon and after a day and a bit of rain from Cyclone Debbie we are holding off now for two days and will be back into it on Saturday. After visiting the blocks it is great to say they have held up well, are clean and flavourful, and with two days of sunshine predicted should be ready to go.

Once again we have a great team this year, with winemakers from France, Italy, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand doing what they love most. Such a great time of year so if any of you are down this way get in contact and come and taste, smell and see the ferments as they’re happening.

Looking forward to sharing the wines with you in due course,